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Author: Sarah Peterson

Start Taking Action on Building Your Business with These 16 Things You Can Do In 20 Minutes or Less

This post was originally published on Unsettle.org

It’s crazy-making, isn’t it?

You want to start a lifestyle business to achieve freedom and flexibility.… Read more

Are These 63 Toxic Beliefs Holding You Back?

“That was too easy”

“You didn’t work hard enough on that”

“You got lucky that time. Luck never lasts.”

These are the things that I believe about my work, myself, and my business.¬†… Read more

3 Insanely Simple Steps to Overcome Procrastination

Have you ever experienced this?

You have something you need to do – something important – but you can’t figure out how to stop procrastinating.… Read more

How Fear and Self-Doubt Are Killing Your Potential (And How to Conquer Them)

You keep coming up with excuses.

Yeah, you know they’re excuses, but you can’t stop yourself.¬†Because if you don’t try, you can’t fail, right?… Read more

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