Author: VloggingPro

With technology becoming cheaper and accessible there are a lot of cool career path opening up to Generation Y. One of these career paths is youtube as more and more people decide to start their own youtube channel and create videos for the world to see. They create videos about their interests and hobbies such as fashion and beauty, cooking, sports, gaming or review videos of the latest technology.
Over time some Youtubers manage to build up an impressive fan base who watch their videos.

But how exactly is youtube a career and how do these (often young) entrepreneurs make money from youtube. Well, there are multiple ways they can monetize their popular youtube channels. The easiest and most common one is to apply for the Youtube Partnership Program which means Youtube plays an advertisement before the video starts and the video creator gets a share of the advertising revenue.

Another popular way youtubers make money is by promoting products. Because most youtubers have a big fan base and are so influential on their fans’ buying habits, companies often send them free products and pay them to promote these products in their vlogs. A product placement can net a youtuber up to $5000 if there channel is really big(read: millions of subscribers). But youtubers also often create their own products such as merchandise, make-up or e-books which they promote in their videos and drive sales to these products.

So, how is video blogging a career and how are these young entrepreneurs making money from this? Well, because they have such a massive fan base and are so influential on other peoples buying habits, companies want them to review their products. Well-known brands will give their products to vloggers for free or pay them to advertise their products to the millions of followers that subscribe to the vlogger.

Freebies are not the only benefit of vlogging because influential youtubers are also often invited to events they would normally not get access to. A cool example is a few beauty vloggers who have been invited to events like the London Fashion Week.

If you put a lot of effort into building your youtube channel and creating awesome videos you might one day end up on the list Top 10 Highest Paid Youtubers which is currently led by popular youtuber ‘PewDiePie’ who made a cool $7.4 million on youtube last year by creating gaming videos.

However, although the benefits of vlogging are great and they are doing something they are passionate about – it’s important to realize that vlogging and building a successful youtube channel is not an easy task. It requires a lot of dedication and in the first few months your videos might get hardly any views.

But as video becomes more influential on peoples lives, it’s no wonder more and more people will see youtube as a viable career path and turn it into a business which might earn up to 7 figures a year.

Think you are up to the task? Use this guide to guide you through starting your youtube channel and growing it into something you can monetize and potentially make a lot of money off.