Putting off things you should be doing and doing something completely different, better known as procrastination, is a very common problem and can prevent you from achieving what you want. With so many distractions like Facebook and your phone it’s easy to get distracted. We wrote down some ways how you can beat this bad habit and get work done.

Get comfortable

We don’t mean cuddle up on the couch and put on some netflix but take care of yourself first. Are you well rested? Not hungry or thirsty? not cold? Take care of yourself first because you will net get anything done if one of these things are interfering with your work.

Create a to-do list

By creating a to-to list you will avoid all the clutter in your mind when you have a lot to do. By writing everything down and prioritizing you will be able to clearly visualize what needs to be done. This way you don’t have to think about what task to start next and avoid the mental debate that goes along with it. Start a task, cross it off once it’s finished and start the next one. Simple.

Incite emotion

Humans make a lot of decision based on our emotions. So by inciting the right emotions you will really WANT to close Facebook and start on something important. You will have to find out what really motivates you to incite the right emotions. Get yourself pumped or terrified: If I complete this task I will be one step closer towards making my dream come true or if I don’t complete this task now and keep browsing Facebook I will never accomplish my dreams. Picture the bliss associated with getting something done or the horrors of failing. Make your imagination so vidid that it shakes you. So put on a motivational video, read an article or look at a picture that motivates you.

Force a start

The most important thing about getting things done is to start. So force yourself to start. Grab your to-do list and complete the first task. It doesn’t matter how long it will take you, why you can’t do it right now or whatever excuse you come up with. Complete your first task and you will find yourself in the mindset of getting things done so you will have some momentum going for the rest of your to-do list.

Turn off distractions

Nowadays it’s easier then ever before to get distracted. Social media, e-mail, youtube or text messages are all serious threats to getting things done, so turn them off. If your work allows it turn off your internet and/or internet. If it doesn’t, download a browser plugin(like StayFocusd) that blocks certain websites for a limited amount of time. That way you can block sites like Facebook for 1 or 2 hours while you work so you avoid getting distracted.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself with one of your favorite distractions after you complete a certain task. For example, when you read 30 pages you allow yourself to spend 10 minutes on Facebook on Youtube. This gives you extra motivation to complete your task.