Everybody has their moments of laziness and procrastinates tasks longer then they should. If you overcome this habit you will be amazed at how much you can actually get done in a day. But how do you overcome it? Here are 8 easy steps to help you overcome your bad habit of procrastination.

1. Get organized

The most important aspect of overcoming your habit is getting organized. Clean your desk, your room, your desktop and/or your bookmarks. So often we want to start a task but get distracted by all the clutter which delays getting the task done. A clean workplace makes it easier to start working.

2. Make a to-do list before going to bed

Sometimes you have so many things you need to get done you don’t know where to start and what is the most important. By writing all your tasks for the next day down before going to bed you avoid this clutter. When it’s time to start you to-do list the next day you will have a nice overview of everything that needs to be done. tip:Write down an easy or simple task like answering an e-mail or making a call as the first thing in your list. We’ll explain why in the next step.

3. Complete your to-do list

Of course you will still need to perform the tasks on your to-do lists. Start your working your way down the list first thing in the morning because the longer you wait to the longer your tasks will keep eating at you. By starting your to-do list with the easiest task you will get in the right mindset of getting things done which will help you get through the list easier.

4. Dress the part

If you work from home you can wear sweatpants all day but that does not mean you should! When you dress for success it’s easier to get in the right mindset and be productive. Dress like you have an important meeting everyday, even if it’s not necessary.

5. Make it a routine

When you make all your habits and tasks a daily habit you won’t even have to think about doing it because you just will. An example is brushing your teeth everyday, do you think about if you are going to do it and at what time or do you just get it done? Exactly.

6. Keep a notebook

Keeping a notebook around is always a good idea. You can write down ideas you just thought of, things you remember you still need to do and of course to write your to-do list on. Instead of opting for a word document on your laptop or an app on your smartphone get a paper notebook instead. You will find it less distractive and easier to quickly jot things down.

7. Schedule free time

You can’t always be productive and you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it when you are not. Take your Sunday off and enjoy it without feeling guilty. Play some video games, watch some Netflix and spend some quality time with friends or family. Recharge so you can tackle your to-do lists again the next week.

8. Outsource unpleasant tasks

A lot of times people procrastinate on starting their tasks because they really don’t feel like doing some tasks on their list. So why don’t you just make someone else do that task? A lot of tasks can be cheaply outsourced to virtual assistants or, if you can afford to, hire a personal assistant.