It is no coincidence that a lot of successful people wake up before 6AM.
A few examples: founder and chairman of the Virgin Group Richard Branson wakes up around 5:45, Apple CEO Tim Cook wakes up around 4 AM and by 5 AM he is getting his workout in at the gym and Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz gets up at 4:30.
So why do they do it?

Two steps ahead of everyone

Starting your day early helps you get into the winners mindset. When the first thing you do in your day is beat your own inner voice that is begging you to hit to snooze button and go back to sleep you get a sense of control and accomplishment. While everyone else is still sleeping you are already busy turning your dreams into reality.

More time

Another big advantage of getting up early is that you have more time in your day to accomplish the things you want to accomplish. If you can discipline yourself to wake up 2 hours earlier every single day the extra time you have will quickly add up. 2 hours extra a day means you have 14 more hours in a week, 56 hours a week and 672 hours a year. If you translate that into a full time work week of 40 hours you will have almost 17 extra weeks. By waking up early you will have enough extra time to accomplish what a full time employee will accomplish in 4 months!

Time to work out

One of the most common excuses for not working out is not enough time to get a work out in during the day. If you wake up early you can use the extra time to go to the gym or go for a run.

When you get home after a long day at the office or school you often don’t feel like you have the energy for a workout. By working out first thing in the morning you still have all your energy!

‘Me’ time

With everything going on during the day you never really have time to take a step back and focus on yourself. By waking up while everyone else is still asleep you will have a solid two hours to do recharge and prepare for the busy day ahead. Reading, writing, painting, learning new skills or just taking the time to cook a good breakfast to attack the day with a full stomach. Take full advantage of your new found undisturbed time.

Plan ahead

Many people are already behind schedule when they wake up. Rushing to get dressed, skipping breakfast, sitting in traffic and when you finally get to the office for that important meeting you find out you left the important documents you were supposed to bring on the dining table…

Early birds give themselves to map out their days, plan their goals and prepare for the day ahead. With a precise plan you will become a lot more efficient and productive with your time.