FearAverage is a rapidly growing website aimed at individuals who strive for success. Wether it’s success in business, sports or academics. FearAverage helps these individuals by writing informational or inspirational articles, motivational videos and interviews with successful individuals breaking down what it takes to be successul. To accommodate the growth of FearAverage we are now looking for contributing writers.

The numbers

  • Over 100.000 pageviews a month
  • Social media following of 100K+ users
  • Reach of over 5 Million on twitter PER MONTH

What We Seek

We are looking for writers who are knowledgeable about finance, entrepreneurship, fitness or sports in general, business or other genres related to becoming successful.

We do not require training/experience or a minimum amount of hours/ articles however your articles must first be approved by a member of the FearAverage team.

Why Write For FearAverage

An immediate audience of like minded individuals. It can be very difficult to attract readers to your own blog, by writing for FearAverage you articles will immediately be placed in front of millions of people. This also means your name will be displayed in front of millions which can be beneficial for networking opportunities, your resume and/or your online presence.

Submit Your Article

If you want to submit an article to FearAverage please fill out the information below. Once your article outline has been approved we will contact you via e-mail with details about how to submit the full article.

Note: Your article must be a minimum of 500 words.

Examples of articles could be:
-Summaries of Self help books
-Best quotes of a certain successful person
-Habits of successful people
or anything else that you think might fit well 🙂

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